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Tuesday 12th – Wednesday 13th May

New Orleans

Part of the HSE Global Series

This year’s Health, Safety & Environmental Congress will bring together some of North America’s leading HSE Professionals to showcase and discuss some of the key challenges across multiple industries in the US. The highly engaging program across two days will piece together topics around Safety Culture, Behavioural Safety, Digital Transformation, Risk Management & Operational Effectiveness, Future Technologies and much more. Stricter regulations and the focus on reducing the number of incidents means HSE professionals need to continue to educate, thought-lead and keep up with the pace of change within their industry. The HSE congress will provide a content-based platform of Keynotes, Panels, Workshops and Roundtables, all built into two exciting days in the luxurious and breath-taking surroundings of The Whitehall, Houston. Network with like-minded professionals to support your current strategic objectives. Attendance will give you the chance to learn how best to implement, build and buy the right solutions and technologies that are at the forefront of HSE improvement in North America.


07:00AM – 08:30AM Registration & Welcome

08:30AM – 09:30AM

Keynote Breakfast panel – Digital Transformation in EHS. In the last 3 years executives in the private and public sectors have embraced the idea that they should undertake a digital transformation of their products, services and operations. HSE leaders at some firms have responded to this trend by
focusing on innovation and launching initiatives to bring more technology such as software, mobile apps, analytics and wearables into their management systems. Many others have stuck to tried and trusted approaches to HSE management. Is digital transformation a priority issue? Or should HSE
leaders focus on more pressing issues which don’t need a digital response?
Moderated by: David Metcalfe, CEO, Verdantix

09:30AM -10:30AM
Roundtables – 1,2 & 3

10:30AM – 10:50AM Coffee & Networking

10:50AM -11:30AM
Workshop 1 – Inspiring the next generation of HSE Leaders.

11:30AM -11:50AM Networking

11:50AM -12:30AM
Workshop 2 – Continued use of technology advancements.

12:30PM1:30PM Exclusive Sponsored Lunch Buffet

1:30PM – 2:30PM
Roundtables – 1,2 & 3

2:30PM – 2:50PM Networking

2:50PM – 3:30PM
Workshop 3 – The changing nature of employment – gig workers, virtual employees, global teams, en Z, etc.

3:30PM – 3:50PM Coffee & Networking

3:50PM – 4:30PM
Workshop 4 – Employee engagement on HSE – what does it look like, challenges and best practices.

4:30PM – 4:50PM Coffee & Networking

4:50PM – 5:30PM
Workshop 5 – Data analytics for safety – why, how, with what, issues and successes.

5:30PM – 6:30PM Coffee & Networking

6:30PM7:30PM Drinks Reception

7:30PM – 9:30PM 3 Course Dinner with Speaker

9:30PM – 10:30PM Open bar & Goodnight


08:30AM – 09:30AM
Keynote Breakfast panel – Opening breakfast panel featuring
the official HSE Advisory Council and topics moulded by
the council.

09:30AM -10:30AM
Roundtables – 1,2 & 3

10:30AM – 10:50AM Coffee & Networking

10:50AM – 11:30AM
Workshop 6 – Appreciative investigation. An alternative to
using incident investigation as a means to learn and instead
learn from normal work.

11:30AM – 11:50AM Networking

11:50AM – 12:30AM
Workshop 7 – Accident investigation; are we doing it all
wrong? A look at the benefits and limitations of commonly
used accident investigation models.

12:30PM – 1:30PM Exclusive Sponsored Lunch Buffet

1:30PM – 2:10PM
Workshop 8 –
How to build a ‘learning’ culture vs a ‘reactive’
culture – in other words to look at the workplace from the
systems view of incident causation and therefore looking
at normal work and what makes It successful. What that
means for changing, a) the questions leaders ask, b) how
we design the work, c)how we build workforce capability, d)
how we monitor the work. • Influencing change within H&S
qualification bodies eg NEBOSH, NCRQ etc to include more
modern methods.

2:10PM – 2:30PM Networking

2:30PM – 3:10PM
Workshop 9 – How ‘business differently’ can work in an

3:10PM – 4:30PM Final Networking, Thank You & Goodbye
Paul Clark, CEO – Paul Clark Consulting

Advisory Council

John Green


James Pomeroy

Group HSE Director
Lloyds Register

Ron Gantt

Owner/ Author
Safety Differently

Robert Sheninger

Vice President – Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainability
Talos Energy

Todd Conklin

World HSE Speaker
& Author


John Green


Todd Conklin

World HSE Speaker
& Author

Ron Gantt

Safety Differently

Regina McMichael

The Learning Factory

Venue Information

The HSE North America 2020 congress will take place in New Orleans



Supporting HSE Professionals
Breakthrough the Plateau
in HSE Improvement